Managment Softwares (ERP)

In order to meet the specific needs of your company, complying with legislation and following the latest technologies, G.Jacintho offers three options in business management software.

Talk to us to find out which one suits your business best.


Omie Smart, with Profitsee technology, is the new Omie platform that enables the accounting entrepreneur to deliver financial management and budget projection for their customers in the cloud and in real time.


Help your clients grow

With Omie Smart you will be able to respond with more agility and quality to customers who want to thrive, have financial stability and become more competitive in the market. All this automatically and with a lot of productivity.

 Know the advantages:

•          monitoring the evolution of customers, accounts payable and receivable;
•          checking financial indicators;
•          annual budget projection;
•          projection and planning of profitability scenarios;
•          budget deviation alerts;
•          balance sheet and cash flow analysis;
•          instantaneous financial reporting;
•          up-to-date information on mobile devices