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We offer services of accouting expertise in court lawsuits and arbitration.

Gabriel Jacintho – Referee and Accounting Expert

Gabriel Jacintho is Arbitrator and Accounting Expert, and also acts as Expert Witness in several arbitration proceedings.

He is also a director of the G.Jacintho Group, with a degree in Business Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) and as an accountant by the Faculty of Accounting and Accounting Sciences Paulo Eiró, he was a lecturer at Fundação Álvares Penteado.
ICC Specialist Consultant - International Chamber of Commerce (New York Chamber of Commerce).
Accounting Arbitrator of SP Arbitral - Arbitration Chamber of Business of São Paulo.
Member of CAE - Chamber of Mediation & Arbitration of Euro Chambers.
Member of the Referees Corps of CARB - Arbitral Chamber of SRB (Brazilian Rural Society).
Co-author of the book "Expertise in Arbitration".
Ex-membro IBA – Institute of Business Appraisers

What is arbitration?

Arbitration is a private method to solve conflicts. It can be used to solve judicial problems without judicioal power involvement. It´s a voluntary mechanism: No onw can be forced to submit to arbitration against their will.

What problems can be solved through arbitration?

Questions related to rights that have economic value and that can be freely marketed comercializados or transacted by their retainers. * The problems coming from contracts in general (including corporate) or cases that envolve civil responsability (accidents, etc.) can be solved trough arbitration.

Who can resort to arbitration?

Can resort to arbitration persons with over 18 years of age, that have discernment and that can express their will, and also legal entities.

How is the procedure of arbritration?

The instruments that can be used to choose the arbitration are: The called Conventions of Arbitration (Gender):

  • • Commitment Clause
  • • It is part of a contract, written before the start of the conflict.
  • • Arbitration Commitment
  • • It is a contract to choose the arbitration, written after the conflict arises.

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