Digital Certificate

What is the digital certificate?

The Digital Certificate is an electronic document that makes it possible to prove the identity of individuals, companies and systems, ensuring online transactions and electronic exchange of documents, messages and data, with legal validity.

Who is it for?

It is intended for individuals and legal entities.

How do you get the certificate?

After choosing the model / type of certificate desired, a ticket will be generated for payment, which, after being done, opens the schedule for choosing the day and the desired time for performing the validation in person.

The face-to-face validation consists of collecting the biometrics and photo of the individual or legal representative of the company that is obtaining the certificate.

Validation can also be done at home, either in the client's home or in the company's office, in a practical and comfortable way.

We are now official representatives of the Serasa Experian, and it is possible to issue your digital certificate, or your company, with speed, quality and safety, and what is best, without having to leave the office.

We make the delivery, facilitating the life of those who need the digital certificate.

With the digital certificate, the processes are done electronically and securely.

We do: